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Everyday and extraordinary – the beauty of the body May 6, 2010


Verica and Suta

I am recently back from running a group in Norway, a beautiful country whose people are a delight. After a year’s absence it felt really good to be working again with my dear friend Verica, and meeting for the first time Espen, our talented co-teacher. The theme for this group was Stepping into Love. We brought this about by working with the principles of men becoming empowered in the solar plexus (third chakra) to embody and radiant the sun/fire energy, while the women found ways to rest back into the devotional energies of the heart (forth chakra), so as to be able to receive and reflect their male counterpart with cool, moon energy.

The group went deep and powerful very quickly. As we went on together, we used energy circulation, times with men and women being separated, massage, emotional release and voice work to open up and enter into the quality of being with one’s self and being together, that was full of ease and grace – ahhhh –¬†exquisite!

Many participants shed tears as they expressed deep gratitude for the opening and inspiration they experienced on the weekend. I love this immediacy and vitality of working face to face with people. When working with individuals or groups, my intention is often to hold the space in such a way that we can open up and, open up, as deeply as possible in a manor that is easy and light, yet also meaningful and touching.

One of the main ways to encourage this to happen is by working with the body. Our bodies, every body, yes, including this very body you are sitting in now, are extraordinary! And, everyday. Something so much there as a fact of our earthly existence, it can be easy to totally take these beautiful creations for granted, which are simultaneously, the incredible result of millions of years of evolutionary refinement, AND, a doorway to the divine, a portal to spiritual realms. At the esoteric heart or core of many spiritual traditions and religious practices, even those that seem to have a somewhat negative view of sensuality and the body, are found meditations, rituals and teachings that use the body as doorway to spiritual opening. Why is this?

Certain aspects of the lived human experience are mediated through the body – the breathing is now, we are feeling NOW! So the body can be a doorway to the present, to presence. By resting or returning our attention to this, we can enter more fully into this moment. This can be a refreshing change from the realm of the mind, where we can spend much of our time and become so readily identified with.

I look forward to many more opportunities to help people feel this deep and simple truth – that the body and the divine are one.

With love,