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The joy of Tantra June 22, 2010


Welcome to my Tantra-talking, sky-walking, heart-stroking, fire-stoking blog!

Much has happened in the weeks since the last instalment. I had the pleasure of going to work in Latvia for the first time. I followed an invitation from my friend Abhika to lead a group there in the capital city of Riga. I found it a most interesting place and was very impressed by the people who came to our workshop. The venue for the weekend was a very high quality, beautiful Ayurvedic spa recently opened by a delightful young couple, Laxmi and Krishna. For some of the participants this was their very first workshop of any kind and yet everyone really dived in, opened deeply and had a LOT of fun! This was my first time working ‘through’ a translator and I really enjoyed it – it gave a spacious, ‘breathing’ quality to presenting. I look forward to returning to Latvia next year.

Next stop was Croydon Hall to lead two six day groups with my beloved teacher, Sarita. The first week was the second run of the Tantra-Man Tantra-Woman experience (see my blog on the School of Awakening site – ‘The Evolution of Tantra Man’ for the story of its creation last year). This year we had a smaller group and a smaller team but the process has been refined, extended and improved so is now a powerful, alchemical journey.

The beauty of Croydon Hall in the summer time

We were blessed with perfect Summer weather which showed the grounds of Croydon Hall at their full glory. After a day together the men and women are separated for three days. I love this time of being with the men as they bond, share, and pass through many physical and energetic exercises that support the honouring and expansion of their sexuality, creativity, power and consciousness. Over the years I have noticed that men are really ‘coming on’ in their ability to connect with each other with honesty and heart and a greater willingness to embrace both their strength AND their vulnerability. It is a very touching experience for me to witness this and gives me hope for the journey we men need to embrace at this time in our evolution.

After resourcing with our own sex for some days the men and women are reunited in a beautiful and deep ritual. The last days of the group are given over to learning and practising two Tantric massages – the Taoist Sexual energy massage and the Shiva-Shakti Kashmiri Massage. Although very different, both these are powerful, intimate and supremely pleasurable sessions that go beyond mere healing and into the realms of Tantric transmission. Sarita emphasised the importance of the preceding days being a vital preparation for the massages. The energetic space and lineage from which they come must be respected, otherwise some of their potency is diluted and the magic is reduced to technique. So if you really want to get the full benefit of these sublime transmissions, experiencing them on the group is the best way.

After relishing a day off with a refreshing walk through the surrounding countryside, the next group started arriving for level 1 of the Couples Training. Partners came from all over the UK, India, Spain, Norway and the USA – even Australia (!) to be ‘in’ on Saritas last level 1 (from next year the first three levels of the training will be run by Roxana or Fiona, with different male teachers from the School).

As ever it is my privilege and joy to see couples taking the ‘rollercoaster ride’ through some of the difficult patterns that may have been causing some dissatisfaction or stagnation in their relating, and come into a greater depth of love and appreciation for themselves and their beloved. This time there were a few surprises – a number of people were clearly having Satori experiences – moments of enlightened perception and clarity ….. and, more down to earth, one couple managed to collapse their bed during one of their ‘love-appointments’ !!

Praful and Peru

We were also gifted with a live concert of beautiful music by Praful and Peru. Praful is a highly talented blower of saxophones and flutes whose music I have admired for some years. Peru is a more recent discovery for me and this was my first time seeing her live. My goddess! She is a force of Nature when singing – together their performance was an exquisite transmission with a strong Tantric flavour that complemented our group-work perfectly. Check out their CD ‘Breathing Love‘.

The group was truly a delight with most of the couples already expressing an intention to go ‘all the way’ to level 7 in 2012.

The Summer is a relatively quiet time for me in terms of leading events. I am looking forward to a six day silent retreat in July, followed immediately by DJ-ing/facilitating an experience of Ecstatic Dance at the Quest festival in Newton Abbot, before going on to Sheffield to run my favourite of my own groups, ‘Exploring Feeling Really, Really Good Through Tantra’. The highlight of the Summer is the Tantra festival at Osho Leela, a potent mix of the great and good of the Tantra world, which looks like it will be a very juicy event. I hope to see you there, or somewhere else on the travelling Tantric express!

With lots of love



Refreshed, renewed, new life January 3, 2010

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Suta Bodhisatvaa at Explore Feeling Really Really Good Through Tantra 12.12.09

Hello hello!

I wish you a happy New Year!

A very happy new Now!!

A blissful new You!?

This is the time when many of us have been reviewing the last year, and recalling all that which we are grateful for, pleased with, proud of and also perhaps that which we are willing to let go of and move on from. The beginning of a year can be a time of seeding a new vision for how we would like our life to be, maybe setting goals or an intention for something different, something new to develop. Since I last wrote some of my dearest friends, have just become parents for the first time. Visiting them and the baby was a powerful reminder of how magical it is to be alive and what a gift that is. This tasting of the wonder and ever-renewing freshness and ‘Newness’ of existence was a bright light during this darkest time of the year. We are all born in Wonder and as long as we live, there is always the possibility, moment by moment, to experience Life in a fresh, new way. It is one of my joys in doing the work that I do, to offer this possibility, of creating situations or experiences where you can step off the treadmill of momentum, or whatever box of limitations you feel yourself to be bound by, and rest or expand INTO something different, something more enjoyable, more fulfilling, more satisfying to who you really are.

In December there were more lovely and powerful events. I can honestly say that the quality of what I’m offering through groups and individual sessions is becoming more refined, more subtle yet also more potent. I am noticing that people feel this in different ways – for you that may mean the experience is more fun, enables greater insight, creates new understandings or simply feels really good and has you smiling from ear to ear with your eyes and heart shining! This was certainly evident in those who came to the End of Year Trancedance (see our Facebook page for Amala’s review) and the Tantra Touch evening co-led for the first time with the wonderful Tina Malhotra.

The Tantra Men’s Circle completed its first season. Pretty much all the men said they had noticed many positive changes in their energy, the way they experience the body and pleasure, feeling more powerful, more expansive or more at ease. There was much enjoyment in just being together as men, sharing time and the recognition of telling and listening to each others stories. I love this growing aspect of my work and look forward to working with more men in the upcoming season. Also particularly satisfying was the weekend group Explore Feeling Really, Really Good Through Tantra where, as the title suggests, the lovely bunch of participants danced, played, and acted their way through an easy going journey (pictured right), which had them saying things such as:

Tantra, hugging, Bristol

Enjoying a hug and Feeling Really, Really Good!

“I felt very energised for a couple of days afterwards. It has helped me feel positive about myself”

“Amazing and blissful as ever and very soul expanding”

“I felt very relaxed and generally in love with the world.”

I also really, really enjoyed this group (witness my smiling face at the beginning of this post!), and am very happy to be offering it again later this month in London, with Abhika (click here for all the details).

There are always opportunities for YOU to experience these kind of feelings.

Seek them out.

Make time for them.

You’ll be happier and the world a better place.

I look forward to seeing you in the Bliss Zone sometime soon!

With love,