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Tantra rising February 2, 2010

The snow and freezing temperatures of January already seem like a quickly receding memory, but some of the events of the time are still fresh in my mind…….

There is a groundswell of activity happening in the Tantra world, which will lead to it becoming more and more visible and increasingly widespread as time goes by. At the beginning of January, I attended for the first time the gathering of the ‘Tantra Union’. This is a meeting of many of the most well known, well established and respected teachers of Tantra in the UK. These two days gave me a chance to get to meet and meditate with and exper ience some of the flavour of different teachers work and, equally importantly, brainstorm ideas to raise the profile of Tantra. I especially enjoyed the company of these fine and talented people, and getting a renewed appreciation for the diversity of perspectives that come under the umbrella of ‘Tantra’.

Sarita opening up my Chakras at the media weekend

Two weeks later I was at another Tantric gathering as the School of Awakening (meaning Sarita, and many of her most experienced teachers, apprentices and trainees) hosted a weekend, at Croydon Hall, for the media (there were two camera crews plus several print journalists, click here for the SoA blog). This included my first filmed interview and facilitating a day of Singles Tantra and a Couples day for the media to observe or participate in. My pubic hair finally made it onto film after years of trying!! See the handsome man Sarita is demonstrating the Chakra massage on to your left……

The event was considered a great success by all – to such a degree that some of the journalists were so deeply touched by the sacred and beautiful atmosphere that permeated the work that they wanted to book themselves onto a longer residential group!

One aspect of my work that I’m really beginning to enjoy (slightly to my own surprise) is giving talks and interviews – I gave my first Tantric massage talk in January, and am really look forward to doing that again on 9th February. As well as being filmed at the School of Awakening media weekend, I also gave my first radio interview this month! It will air on Sarah Scarlett-Williams’ Vivacity show at 12pm on 10th February, on Bristol Community Radio. Check out the start of my career as a radio star!! We’ll have the podcast available to download on our website shortly after the show.

As I write about all this media exposure and exciting future plans, I realise that I am part of a growing wave of practitioners and teachers who are feeling ready now to respond to the Call: the vision of practices and principles from Tantra starting to be more widely understood, more easily accessible and sought out by greater numbers of people of all ages and walks of life, as their life enriching value and benefit is generally recognised and appreciated. This means sharing the work with more passion, professionalism and integrity, and a willingness to explore new ways to describe what we do, so that an ever wider spectrum of people are getting exposed to this ancient wisdom that has so much to offer the modern world. So who knows – in a few short years we may be seeing Tantra much more frequently on the TV, radio and certainly the internet, maybe nightclubs/dance parties with Tantric themes or ambience, and Tantra classes becoming as common as yoga is today. You heard it here first!

Feeling really, really good!

Also in January, two more groups had the chance to experience ‘Feeling Really Really Good Through Tantra‘ – one at Osho Leela and one in London. This group process is really developing into a “delightful, fun, nourishing, stimulating, refreshing” structure. The people who come to participate are consistently describing experiences of great insight, profound yet simple joy, liberating spontaneity and delightful fun! I love running this workshop!! The next opportunity to experience this aspect of my work will be another residential weekend at Osho Leela from April 9-11, and in Bristol on 24/5 of the same month. See our calendar for all the details.

Love and blessings,