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Refreshed, renewed, new life January 3, 2010

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Suta Bodhisatvaa at Explore Feeling Really Really Good Through Tantra 12.12.09

Hello hello!

I wish you a happy New Year!

A very happy new Now!!

A blissful new You!?

This is the time when many of us have been reviewing the last year, and recalling all that which we are grateful for, pleased with, proud of and also perhaps that which we are willing to let go of and move on from. The beginning of a year can be a time of seeding a new vision for how we would like our life to be, maybe setting goals or an intention for something different, something new to develop. Since I last wrote some of my dearest friends, have just become parents for the first time. Visiting them and the baby was a powerful reminder of how magical it is to be alive and what a gift that is. This tasting of the wonder and ever-renewing freshness and ‘Newness’ of existence was a bright light during this darkest time of the year. We are all born in Wonder and as long as we live, there is always the possibility, moment by moment, to experience Life in a fresh, new way. It is one of my joys in doing the work that I do, to offer this possibility, of creating situations or experiences where you can step off the treadmill of momentum, or whatever box of limitations you feel yourself to be bound by, and rest or expand INTO something different, something more enjoyable, more fulfilling, more satisfying to who you really are.

In December there were more lovely and powerful events. I can honestly say that the quality of what I’m offering through groups and individual sessions is becoming more refined, more subtle yet also more potent. I am noticing that people feel this in different ways – for you that may mean the experience is more fun, enables greater insight, creates new understandings or simply feels really good and has you smiling from ear to ear with your eyes and heart shining! This was certainly evident in those who came to the End of Year Trancedance (see our Facebook page for Amala’s review) and the Tantra Touch evening co-led for the first time with the wonderful Tina Malhotra.

The Tantra Men’s Circle completed its first season. Pretty much all the men said they had noticed many positive changes in their energy, the way they experience the body and pleasure, feeling more powerful, more expansive or more at ease. There was much enjoyment in just being together as men, sharing time and the recognition of telling and listening to each others stories. I love this growing aspect of my work and look forward to working with more men in the upcoming season. Also particularly satisfying was the weekend group Explore Feeling Really, Really Good Through Tantra where, as the title suggests, the lovely bunch of participants danced, played, and acted their way through an easy going journey (pictured right), which had them saying things such as:

Tantra, hugging, Bristol

Enjoying a hug and Feeling Really, Really Good!

“I felt very energised for a couple of days afterwards. It has helped me feel positive about myself”

“Amazing and blissful as ever and very soul expanding”

“I felt very relaxed and generally in love with the world.”

I also really, really enjoyed this group (witness my smiling face at the beginning of this post!), and am very happy to be offering it again later this month in London, with Abhika (click here for all the details).

There are always opportunities for YOU to experience these kind of feelings.

Seek them out.

Make time for them.

You’ll be happier and the world a better place.

I look forward to seeing you in the Bliss Zone sometime soon!

With love,



Magical, ecstatic wonder – Tantric life as I know it! December 2, 2009

Welcome to my blog for November!

Another month deeper into the season of dark nights (and days!). Since I last wrote there have been several noteworthy events in this Tantric life …… ……

I had the pleasure of returning to Croydon Hall with Sarita of the School of Awakening for a six day couples group that is level 2 of the three year training. This workshop explores the theme of ‘Male-female balance’ using the chakra system as the map or guide to the territory. Over the years I have come to appreciate the depth and profundity of the chakras as a way of understanding the way energy and consciousness manifest through the physical body and our behaviour, and also love many of the practical methods and techniques that we can draw upon to help bring us back to wholeness, health and vitality. So to spend six days immersed in this was something I had been really looking forward to. The group surpassed my hopes and was a delight. It was such a joy to see the couples deepening in their love ….and opening new dimensions in their erotic connection and expression with their beloved. Truly heartwarming stuff – and a testament that this Tantra stuff really works!! Oh and not forgetting the party – this was great fun with some wonderful characters emerging out of the dressing up and role play – proving that personal development doesn’t always have to be serious – in fact insight and learning can also happen with mirth and hilarity!

Back in Bristol the Men’s Tantra Circle has been continuing with the journey going deeper. There was also another highly enjoyable evening of ‘Tantra Touch’. I was very happy that my dear friend Tina was able to join me for the session and will be bringing her tremendous warmth, playful heart and general gorgeousness to these events in future as my assistant. I am thrilled to have her on board as she is such a wise, encouraging and loving being. Here in Bristol we were blessed that another radiant friend, Amala, had organised a high energy evening for friends and lovers of the spiritual teacher Osho. This included some sublime live music by the band Presence and Sarita acting as a focaliser for some seriously high-voltage energy. This was a very beautiful evening with many gathering from far and wide to dance and celebrate together. It seemed like we were being bathed in a pure, spiritual light that night and the ripples of this event could be felt around Bristol for several days afterwards! I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the magic.

Finally at the end of the month I was in London to hold another event with Sarita. This was a two day course called “the Ecstacy of Tantra”, organised by Alternatives. We had a great team of experienced helpers to support us on this workshop, and in all there were about 55 people , including many newcomers, taking a fast and deep journey. Again we were working with the chakras as the map to a journey that took us through many states – sexy, playful, dynamic, tender and magical. The group really opened up and dived right in, opening up a tangible feeling of ecstacy and wonder in a short space of time. I am noticing that people are really able to move through their limitations and let go of their stresses quickly these days, and reconnect with and remember our true nature. More and more people are exploring new ways, answering some calling……if you are reading this article its likely that you are too…..keep going , probing , exploring…. resting ….listening! 

With love til next time,



Suta’s October diary November 16, 2009

Bristol-based Tantra teacher and bodyworker SutaHello and welcome!
As the season (and clocks) change there are numerous shifts to notice and enjoy happening. The unique quality of the light and the spectacular hues of the changing leaves the beginnings of a ‘bite’ in the cooler air …..I experience the moods of Autumn as a wonderful gift. For me it has also been a time of new ventures and busyness.
In mid – October I was back at the Croydon Hall community to help facilitate the unveiling of the new five day Tantra Man Tantra Woman workshop with the School of Awakening. We had well over 50 excited participants – some very experienced tantricas and a number of new faces, all eager to dive into the process! On the first day the men and women were separated so that they could spend the next two and a half days being with their own sex and receiving the support and empowerment that can come through that. On the third day there was a beautiful reunion of the men and women in a ceremony that included mantra singing, sacred geometry, meditation, dance and the exchanging of gifts. The highlight of the remaining time was the demonstration and practice of two different massage methods – the Taoist sexual massage and the Kashmiri method. Both of these sessions can create beautiful, powerful and sensuous experiences and many people expressed a great desire to practice them more and to go deeper into each method.
After the large group dynamic and intensity of the time at Croydon Hall I enjoyed the contrast of running some smaller events back home in Bristol. There were some introductory sessions for the new Tantra Circle for Men for which a very fine bunch of men showed up.  Almost immediately there was a depth of intelligence and willingness to share that suggest this will be a potent gathering. Enabling people to become more relaxed and fulfilled in and through their body is something I feel called to. So I really enjoy developing different ways or formats for that to happen ….and to spread!
In modern life people so often forget the healing and joy that can be derived from simple, authentic pleasures. I’m on a kind of mission to remind them! One way I’m doing that is through evenings called Tantra Touch – a place where we gather to give and receive affectionate, nourishing and safe touch without having to sexualise the experience.The transformation that happens in the people who come, in the space of just a couple of hours, is something I love seeing. Tense, stiff bodies relax and soft, faces become flush with colour, eyes brighten and a serious and anxious demeanour gets replaced by warm smiles and giggles of delight! Aaaahhhh yesss!
Sometimes people like to approach things through the mind and a more conversational or informative manner. So I am starting to offer events – Let’s Talk About Sex being the first – that have that flavour and even here I get to see a similar response in many members of the audience. For some, simply listening to me speak with a passion about ‘our human sensual potential’ and sharing from a Tantric perspective can open doors to new thinking and inspire an expanded sense of possibility. Encountering ideas that may be new, perhaps even a bit challenging, can evoke a sense of curiosity and excitement. I will admit that I have been surprised how much I enjoyed doing this and am enthusiastically looking forward to the upcoming dates.
I leave you with an encouragement to really make some time for you – time to take a breath, slow down and really relish the direct exquisite pleasure just waiting to be felt in the body. Millions of years of evolution have developed and refined our extraordinary nervous system which has a capacity for pleasure way WAY beyond what most of us ever realise. Turn on the taps to your total titillation!!
With love, ’til next time,